my week with Jr. High girls… oh yah… it’s a good one!

It’s true. Every day I walk by my computer and give myself the pep talk about how I really should write a blog post. But then I get distracted with my two not-so-independent little boys, that I have straight up neglected blogging. But please don’t take it personally, I WILL be better when these little cherubs are in school full time. 3 weeks

(not that I’m counting)

July has been so insanely crazy, fun, and a time for growing, that I thought I’d take a minute to write about some fun stuff happening.

Last minute (4 days prior to leaving), I was asked to be a counselor for 7th grade girls at our church’s summer camp. They were headed to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world… HUME LAKE, so the answer was yes, Yes, YES!!!

It actually has a really cool back story, so I will share that with you. Wednesday morning I received a text from my friend requesting prayer for her jr. high daughter who was nervous about going away for a week of camp. I said, sure, I’ll pray for her, let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

About an hour later I was watching my kids at the skate park and reading one of my new favorite books “Dialogue with God” by Mark and Patti Virkler (highly recommended). I asked the Lord how I could tangibly be a source of encouragement to this family who’s daughter was struggling with anxiety about her upcoming week at camp.

Then my phone lit up with a message from a guy named Eric. Eric is one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet and he just so happens to be the middle school pastor at our church. Now receiving a message from Eric was rare because I have no involvement with middle school ministry and I really only know Eric and his family from around church. Anyways… I digress.

Eric explained to me that in four days, the Jr. Highers were leaving for a week at Hume Lake and they still needed a 7th grade girls counselor. Is there any way I would be interested?

I texted my friend back and said “what grade is your daughter in?”

She wrote back “7th grade”.

I said “Ok, I’m praying for her. Oh, and it looks like I’ll be her counselor at camp next week.”

After a brief discussion with my husband about logistics and giving Eric the thumbs up, our little ‘PRAISE GOD PARTY’ continued.

So, I got to spend the week with nine 12-year old girls in a cabin with two bathrooms, lots of dirt, plenty of fried food and an encounter from the Lord like no other.

Tuesday night we were in our cabin for what we affectionately call  “lights out.” Presuming that when the lights go out, the voices and sounds will cease. (You know, the time of the day that the counselors have been praying for since they woke up).  As I reached for my earplugs and my head hit the pillow, I heard a voice from across the cabin that said  “Rebecca, can I ask you a question.”

“Well, of course you can “, I responded.

“What does it mean to believe in God.”

“Ummm… well, there’s a difference in believing in God, and trusting Him with your whole life.”  I continued on with a little sermonette that apparently was tucked in my heart just waiting to be shared.

After my explanation of the “Romans Road” and some dialogue which included FANTASTIC questions, I might add. This little girl and a few others in the cabin said “can we do that right now? Can we confess our sins and commit our lives to Him?”

I can’t say that alter calls at midnight are my thing. Nor did I in any way, shape or form see this coming… but God’s Presence showed up in a might way as these girls cried out to Jesus for the first time and repented of their sin and asked Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour!!!!!!!

I could barely sleep that night, and this time it wasn’t because of the sqeeky bunk beds, but rather the  adrenaline filled JOY that comes from knowing that one more child has been RESCUED! SAVED from the consequences that our sin causes. SAVED from eternal separation a part from our Loving God! SAVED from trying to do this life on our own only to find our efforts come up short. SAVED from the lies of religion which say we have to “try harder”, but rather FREE to walk in a relationship with the Creator of the Universe!!

So I hope this post has you PRAISING GOD as well about how He is the Author of our Salvation and He who began a good work in us is faithful to complete it!

Oh… and I hope we are all ‘available’ for however and WHENever God wants to use us!

Glory to God,




One thought on “my week with Jr. High girls… oh yah… it’s a good one!

  1. How amazing! That’s is awesome! God is so good and faithful to use the available! Oh and… I need to leave Blogger and use WordPress – maybe when I see you next you can help me? February in Austin, here we come!


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