10 years ago on 10/10

On this very special day, 10 years ago, my life was forever changed.


I was working as an outdoor education instructor at Hume Lake Christian Camps (quick shout out… “What’s Up HUME LAKERS!!). Ok I’m back.  In other words, I taught kids about Indian life. If you know anything about my upbringing, you’ll know ‘Indian life’ (tee-pee’s, sticks, dirt, cooking outside, face paint, no electricity, etc.) is not exactly how I grew up. We had a tennis court in our back yard for heavens sake.  Camping for us meant a motel instead of a hotel.


True story… I went to Mexico on a missions trip with my church in high school and the hand towel I brought was embroidered with the Hyatt logo.


Where was I… oh yah… Indians. It was cool. All except for the fact that I had a disease that was consuming my every thought. This disease was called LOVE! You see a whopping 2 weeks prior, I went on a date with a boy named Travis. Here’s our extensive dating timeline.



Friday September 26, 2003- 6:13pm- Rebecca (R) & Travis (T) meet at Miguel’s Mexican Cocina in Shelter Island (San Diego) for an official date. Chips and white sauce anyone?!


            7:34pm- T & R decide to get married, but they’ll leave the details up to God


Saturday September 27, 2003- T asks R’s father if he can have his daughter’s hand in marriage. R’s father has a(nother) glass of vino and says “yes”. T smiles.


Sunday September 28, 2003- T is praying (in the shower where he can hear God most clearly) and God says he’s going to GIVE T a ring for R.*


            * yes… this happened but that’s another story


Friday October 10, 2003- Rebecca walks into a prayer meeting at Hume Lake and as she’s praying with a group of people, the lights in the Ponderosa chapel dim. After she says “Amen”, she is confused, but is escorted up on stage to sit on a piano bench while a video begins to play. Then, much to her surprise, Travis walks out from back stage with a long stemmed rose. A video documentary played (that Travis and his awesomely talented sister made) of all the special places the happy couple had visited during their dating relationship. It was a short video.


As Rebecca watched, each family member from hers and Travis’ family brought up a long stem rose and placed it next to her seat.  After the video, Travis’ best friend Joseph stepped out on stage and played a song he wrote on the guitar. Meanwhile Travis washed Rebecca’s feet and prayed for her.


After Rebecca’s Indian feet were cleaned, she stood up to turn around and see the audience filled with friends, family, and co-workers. Next thing she knew, Travis was on one knee with a ring box open.


“Rebecca Michelle- will you marry me?”


She said OF COURSE!


Then, everyone in attendance enjoyed caramel twix bars. (Thanks to R’s dad.)




            We would like to officially discourage anyone from meeting someone and getting engaged 2 weeks later. We grew up together and had been friends for 10 years before we went on our first date.



P.S. We got married 11 weeks later.



Long friendship. Short engagement. Long marriage.



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