Are you addicted?


There’s no 12 step program for this type of addiction. Maybe it’s because this type of addiction is generally socially acceptable and even encouraged.


We all want other people to like us, but what happens when that desire to be accepted and even admired turns into an obsession?


The result is… you spend your time and energy “managing your image.” To the point of manipulating and even deceptively portraying who you want people to think you are. Could it be that it’s because we don’t really believe we are who GOD (our Creator) says we are?


Here’s 10 top signs you could be addicted to approval:


10. You “fish” for compliments by putting yourself down in hopes that someone listening will lift you up.


9. You post comments and pictures on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. to show how “great” your life is (and secretly hope people will respond with how jealous of you they are)


8. You are constantly asking people for feedback about decisions you are making because you’re insecure in making a decision and being responsible for the outcome


7. You blame others when things go wrong because you don’t want to be seen as weak, or associated with failure.


6. When you do something kind for someone, you expect thanks &/or recognition in return.


5. You find yourself trying to control your children because if they misbehave other people will think you are a bad parent.


4. Your wardrobe and accessories must be “desired brands” because your worth is found in the price tag of your possessions.


3. Instead of creating a “hospitable” environment when guests come over, you obsessively clean, cook and make sure everything is perfect so you can “entertain” your guests.


2.  You harbor bitterness and resentment towards people in your life that make things inconvenient or uncomfortable.


and the # 1 sign that you could be addicted to approval is…


  1. You feel threatened or even worthless when someone else is getting attention/ accolades/ approval/ or admiration.



So how about you? When we talk about the motives of our heart, are you more concerned with “How will this make me look?” or “How could they see God?” The right question to consider is  “How could I reflect God’s image in this circumstance?”


Dear Reader, please know that I am not a bitter old(er) lady venting my frustrations. On the contrary, I am a broken daughter of Christ who has been in bondage for way too long to this addiction I described above. I speak from experience on each one of these “signs” and I have found false worth in too many of the wrong things.


Lately the Lord is opening my eyes to really understand who I am in His eyes and it is changing my life radically. When I see myself as HE does (a beautiful, unconditionally loved, forgiven, daughter of Christ),  suddenly the acceptance and approval of this world doesn’t seem so attractive.  My desire is to live for an audience of ONE and my prayer is that others would see Jesus in me.


I pray constantly for my brothers and sisters who are enslaved in the chains of comparison, judgment, fear, anxiety, and depression, The Lord has come to give us life, and life ABUNDANTLY!!


I’m just one begger leading other beggers to where I found food. Follow me as I follow HIM!



  1. I have adored you since we met in middle school and the amazingness of you is growing as we get older! I am what I would consider a “baby Christian” and reading your blog posts have been perfect for me! Love you Bow Becca!


    • Oh sweet Brenna!!! Your words are such an encouragement! Thank you for taking the time to share them!!! It is a joy to know we are on this journey of pursuing Christ together!!! You are loved & appreciated!! Hugggsss!!


  2. whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your posts.

    Stay up the good work! You already know, many persons are searching round for this information, you
    could help them greatly.


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