If you don’t believe in miracles… you do now…

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to ride bikes! I try to ride whenever/ wherever I can. I even have a basket on the front of my Schwinn. I’m legit.

This morning, after I dropped the boys off at school… my husband and I decided to take our little 5 1/2 month old daughter on a bike ride to enjoy the cool morning. (is it fall yet?!). As we were getting the bike trailer hooked up we had a small conversation about the fact that she probably doesn’t need to have the car seat in the bike trailer anymore because she is doing so much better at holding her head up. But to err on the side of safety… let’s put her in it.

About 10 minutes later, we pulled up to an intersection. Pushed the crosswalk button and the green walking guy immediately appeared. I was a few feet behind Travis who was pulling Zoey’s bike trailer. There was a white SUV in the lane closest to us and the gentlemen was looking left and about to make a right hand turn. Since the guy was stopped and the light was green for us… Travis cautiously proceeded to cross the intersection. Then the driver took his foot off the brake and the car hit my husband. As Travis was trying to get off his bike, he simultaneously started banging on the front of the car to get his attention.  I jumped off my bike to pull the bike trailer away from the car.




Time stood still. Yet flashed before my eyes.

After a few short feet… the car stopped and Travis and I immediately opened up the bike trailer to get Zoey out as fast as we could. Our hands were shaking uncontrollably and cars were stopping all around. I remember smelling the car’s engine as we knelt down under the bumper to pick up our daughter.




I started saying out loud. “God is real!” “This is a miracle!” “Thank You Jesus!” The bike trailer frame was crushed, our daughter was untouched! Paramedics, police, witnesses and strangers gathered. No one could believe it! THIS was a miracle!

Funny things happen in moments like this. You hug strangers, you cry but you don’t know why. Travis and Zoey got checked out at the hospital. Totally fine! Travis lost about 5 hairs on his ankle. But they are healthy and uninjured! The doctors and nurses were blown away! FOLKS… our GOD IS REAL!!! Angels are REAL!! Here are some pics to prove it! All glory and thanks go to GOD!!



5 thoughts on “If you don’t believe in miracles… you do now…

  1. That is amazing, Rebecca! I have chills. I am so happy you all are okay and that God’s protective hand was over you today!! Amen! And that the Holy spirit gave you self control because I know in my flesh I would have wanted to wring that guy’s neck!


  2. Praise the Lord! As I took my daughter to school, I actually saw you guys an intersection or two before this happened, then on my way back home I saw the bike and trailer down under the car as well as all the emergency vehicles and just started praying. I am so glad everyone was okay! What an amazing God we serve! Just wanted you to know that strangers driving by were praying for you all!

    (PS- I found your blog via Krista Lopez who posted it on FB)


  3. Rebecca,

    I am so glad everyone is safe! Thank you for sharing the story,…I may be the only one, but I never thought of using the car seat in trailer? Now I will!!! And encourage others around me!


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