Why Love Matters…& my thoughts on the “B” Word

When we know who we are, it determines what we do.

How you perceive you are loved will dictate how you love others.

When we understand our identity as an unconditionally loved child of God, then we want to love others with His Perfect Love. Unconditional means that there is nothing we can do to make God love us any more, and there is nothing we can do to make God love us any less.

At night before we put our children to bed, I ask them 3 questions:
– Do you know I love you?
– Do you know I love your daddy?
– Do you know God loves you more than we can even imagine?

We want our children to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves them no matter what. This way they won’t need to cry out for attention and love from the world. What the world gives anyways, can’t satisfy what they were created for!

Have you ever felt “disappointed”? This is what we feel when our expectations have not been met.

It is impossible for God to be disappointed in you because all his expectations have already been met in the perfect life of his Son.

We who are in Christ, are loved with the same love that God loves His Son! It’s okay… you can believe that he actually really loves you!!

“Nothing kills a critical spirit faster than experiencing God’s affection. If you’re feeling critical, you’re most likely feeling unloved.”- Jeremy Riddle

and now my thoughts on the “B” word… BLESSED

I always thought that this was just a buzz word for Christians. But friends… this is truth!

I spent too much of my time trying to earn favor with God and others but now I have freedom in knowing that regardless of what happens in life, I am blessed. I’ve experienced difficulties and afflictions and even misunderstood God in the midst of my suffering.

I lost a child in the womb to a drunk driver, more recently I buried my grandfather, I know what grieving is like.

But I’m thankful that through our sufferings, we are given a divine appointment to become more like Jesus. We become more compassionate for those who suffer, we are more committed to justice and advocating for the poor, orphans, and widows.

Through it all… we’re blessed with the righteousness of Christ. We’re blessed with the unconditional love of Christ, we’re blessed with the forgiveness of Christ and we’re blessed with an eternal life in Christ. We deserve hell, everything else is a blessing.

We have a new saying around the Hoehne household… it goes something like this “Are you being a blessing or a burden?” We all have a choice as to how we act/ react, and when we understand our identity in Christ as BLESSED, we want to be that for others.


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