Only God… ( a cool story)

I love it when something happens that you could NEVER arrange by yourself. This happened to me recently.

With my vanilla soy no water hot chai latte in hand, I curled my legs up under me and settled in to my favorite oversized chair in my favorite Starbucks. The sun was beginning to peak over the mountain and I could feel the heat on my face. With my oldest children safely under the supervision of their amazing teachers and my baby daughter and husband at home (still asleep), this was what I lovingly refer to as  “alone time”. My laptop was open, I was about to work on my resume, but first, I wanted to drink in my favorite form of caffeine and feast on the Word of The Lord.

My Bible was open to Psalm 63 and I paused at verse 8.

           “My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.”

I was genuinely curious so I asked God… “What does your right hand look and feel like in my world?”

You see, I am in a season of life right now with some unknowns. It’s fair to say that I’m in a waiting and hoping season. So when I get to a verse, or even a chapter like Psalm 63, it feels like water is washing over my dry bones. So I paused.

I marinated in these verses for awhile and asked the Lord to reveal Himself.

Suddenly, I’m interrupted from my “marinating” to a gentlemen who asks (pointing at the chair right next to me) “Who is sitting right here?”

Me: “You are sir!”

(Honestly, I was kind of surprised someone had even asked to sit in that chair because of the way the chairs were positioned, it looked like I was expecting someone. I wasn’t. Anyways…)

Gentleman: “Well, Thank You!”

He set down his phone, keys, and pastry in the pink envelope. Then his name is called which indicates his drink is ready. Upon return to his chair, I notice his shirt  is embroidered with the name of a particular school. This caught my eye because I was finalizing details on an application for employment to work at this particular school. So I took a mental note that if a conversation started, then I would ask him what it is like to work there.

I returned to my journal and Bible and asked God for a clear sign that would show me what it is like to be upheld by His Right Hand.

Just then, my new seat mate picked up his pastry which caused the pink envelope to fall on the ground which happened to be right by my foot. Since I was looking for an open door, I quickly bent down to pick it up and hand it to him.

Me: “Here you go sir”

Him: “Thank You. That was nice of you.”

Me: “No problem! Hey- I noticed that your shirt says ____________. Do you work there?”

Him: “Well… kind of…. (long pause)… I’m the Superintendent of _________ school district.”

Me: (after picking my jaw off the ground and singing a few rounds of HALLELUJAH in my head) “OH! Ummm… That’s great! How long have you worked there?”

This kicked off a great conversation in which I got to hear stories about his life and he asked about mine.

Towards the end, I brought up the fact that I am applying for a job in his district. He was extremely encouraging and interested in this unique encounter. He took down my name.

I realized that JUST MAYBE…God might have orchestrated this meeting to remind me that HE is over EVERY DETAIL and He really does “uphold me with His Right Hand.”

Thank You Jesus! And Starbucks!

Reader, be encouraged today!

Do you have a story to share? Please leave a comment! We’d love to celebrate with you!


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