10 signs you might be MATURE

Is there a difference in what it means to be childish vs. childlike??

 1 Corinthians 13:11 addresses CHILDISHNESS:

            “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”

Matthew 18:3 addresses the benefits of CHILDLIKE characteristics.

            “Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven.”

Childlike is a desirable trait, which involves celebrating details,

innocence, and having wide-eyed wonder like a child.

Childish is synonymous with immature.

Here’s top 10 reasons you might be MATURE!

  1. Maturity is unshaken by flattery or criticism.

Do you need people to tell you how good you are? This is very dangerous! If you are addicted to approval, it shows your identity is in what others think of you.

  1. Maturity has the ability to delay gratification.

          Patience only grows by learning to be patient. How are you at waiting for something? Do you respond or react to a situation?

  1. Maturity can keep commitments for the long-term.

          How are you at being faithful to a job even if it’s tedious? When the “honeymoon” phase has worn off, do you still diligently work hard at the task at hand?

  1. Maturity’s signature mark is a Spirit of Humility!

          Don’t think less of yourself; think about yourself less! If you feel like you always need to give your opinion, this is a sign of pride/ immaturity. Maturity says “it’s not about me and my area of interest… there is a bigger picture here.”

  1. Maturity is not ruled by emotions.

          Emotions are a great servant, and a terrible master. Don’t be mastered by your emotions. Instead, have a consistency and stability to your emotions and you will impact the lives of the people around you.

  1. Maturity expresses it’s gratitude constantly.

Ultimately EVERYTHING we have is ALL the LORD’S, so a mature person has no time for entitlement, they are too busy giving THANKS! Immaturity says “You’re lucky to have me”.

  1. Maturity prefers others.

A mature person recognizes that promotion doesn’t come from anybody or anything, but rather from THE LORD. God opens doors that no man can shut. This releases us from the desire/ need to always have to be in the spotlight.

  1. Maturity is teachable.

When your weaknesses are revealed/highlighted, do you see this as an opportunity for God’s strength to shine through? An immature person wants to always explain why/ how and make excuses. Do you have a “know-it-all spirit” or a “Tell-me-more spirit”?

  1. Maturity is responsible.

          Do you execute your tasks fully so you can take on more responsibility? If your emotions are caught up in drama (unforgiveness, unresolved conflict, anger, rejection, the past, lust, greed, insecurity, doubt, etc. etc.) then God can’t give you more responsibilities because you’ve reached your emotional capacity.

  1. Maturity brings FREEDOM!
    Mature people won’t need to be micro-managed and they will gain freedom in more areas in their life! The more mature roots you display, the more responsibility you’ll be given.

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