A Letter to the Church from a Public School Teacher

My name is Rebecca Hoehne. I am a follower of Christ and an educator in the public school system in California. I love my job, I love the staff I work with and I love the families I work with. But there is a problem.

Parents who intimidate, manipulate, and are looking for the easy way out!

Can I ask you a question? How does your calling as a Christ Follower impact your role as a parent of students? When assignments are due, do you throw your weight around in an e-mail because of “who you are” in the church?

I recently overheard my co-workers say that some of the most “high maintenance” families in the school find every excuse to not do school work yet find every opportunity to participate in church activities, trips, and programs.

Regardless of how you may feel about educational policies, curriculum choices, or leadership changes, please know that the people who invest in your children each and every day are made in the image of God. We have souls. Most of my co-workers do not know the love and truth about who Jesus is and the forgiveness available for our sins and the dynamic power available because of the cross. We are eager to be shown Jesus’ love and character through every interaction with you because we aren’t a part of your church activities.

Could it be possible that the school your children attend, the classes they take and even the teachers who (quite possibly) spend more time each day with your students than you do… All these details are perfectly orchestrated by a Sovereign God who “works all things together for His Good.”

From one parent to another…let us run this race with endurance and finish well. Whether we’re eating, or drinking, or interacting with our children’s teachers…. Let us do it ALL for the glory of God.

And believe me…. Our children are following us. The question is… where are we leading them?

They don’t need a perfect example, they need a living one!


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