My Experience at Zombie Fest

Are you sitting down? It might surprise you… but on a typical Saturday night… I don’t usually hang out with someone that has a chainsaw sticking out of their stomach. Or how about the woman dressed as a bride with blood all over her and a dagger coming out of her chest…This past weekend was different.

My handsome hubby and I were in Denver, CO visiting my brother’s family and my favorite photographer was shooting a BEAUTIFUL wedding near Red Rocks!! Here’s a sample pic! (Have camera, will travel!)

Since we were sans children… we took full advantage of the opportunity for a date night and headed to downtown Denver. We noticed there were A LOT of people filling the streets, but it wasn’t until we turned the corner on to 16th street that we realized we were honorary members (and smack dab in the middle) of the “World Famous Zombie Crawl”. We were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who were boldly celebrating death. The outfits were creative to say the least. Lots of blood, weapons, and dark, death-honoring costumes.

If the copious amounts of chainsaws and guns weren’t unsettling enough… seeing the children dressed up and in the midst of this “celebration” made me want to vomit. Especially the ones who were so scared, they were screaming. Lord help us!

We sat at a table on the patio of the Cheesecake Factory and the people(zombie) watching continued. The best way to describe this unexpected scene… is HORRIFIC! But I think “they” would say… Mission Accomplished! After all… the theme of the event was HORROR!?!

Then it hit me….

All these people were seeking… was a sense of belonging… COMMUNITY!

They had found a place to belong, even if it meant dressing up in bloody clothes and celebrating death. Sure, I was disgusted at the glorification of death… but would I let it stop me from loving these people like Jesus does? (In other words… what other unspoken requirements have I put on people to “clean up” before I love them/interact with them?)

My natural reaction was to “get the *&%$ out of there”!! I wanted to flee the darkness and get back to my “Christian Country Club” and sing “Friends are Friends Forever”. But maybe … just maybe God had led us to the darkness to be HIS LIGHT??!?

So with our fresh strawberry cheesecake in our tummies… we prayed in our hearts for The Lord to give us compassion for these people and to lead us to some “zombies” we could talk to!

And He did….


These were some of the sweetest, kindest, human beings we’d ever met! They travel to all the “Zombie Cons” around the nation and feel like they’ve “found family”.

I can’t help but think … what if these people and the millions of others who are craving to be a part of a family… a community… to BELONG…found it with the people who love Jesus!?!

But then that would mean that we’d have to leave our “holy huddles”…………

I‘ll drive!


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