Symptoms of FEAR

Sometimes we spend too much time treating the symptoms of a problem instead of the cause of the problem. This is especially true when it comes to the products of FEAR in our lives.

:: When we fear that who we are is not enough… we deal with jealousy::

:: When we fear not having enough… we live out of scarcity::

:: When we fear not being good enough… we live with insecurity::

:: When we fear not being strong enough… we cover it up with pride::

:: When we fear not measuring up to others… we wrestle with comparison::

:: When we fear chaos… we grapple for control::

adapted from “Clout” by Jenni Catron

Do any of these resonate with what you’re dealing with right now? Because….


When fear knocks… let FAITH answer!

I encourage you to confess your fears to our GOOD GOOD FATHER. You won’t scare Him! He’s not threatened by our questions. He’s  made a way for us to be WHOLE IN HIM!!

The products of fear are just another link in the chain that enslaves us. JESUS died on the cross and broke the power of sin in our lives so that we don’t have to live another moment to the bondage sin offers.

Fear robs us of the ABUNDANT LIFE that Jesus promises in John chapter 10.

What lie are you believing?

What truth can you cling to?



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