My dream last night… was it about you?

My dream…

Travis (hubby of 13 years) and I were sitting in the back of a flying airplane. All of a sudden the full plane took a nose dive and was now aimed at the ocean below. Everyone on the plane knew we were headed to our death.

I panicked.

I screamed.

Then I realized that IF God was real… He was THE ONLY one that could help us get out of this terrible situation.

So I raised my hands and shouted “JESUS… HELP!!! JESUS… We need you!!! Holy Spirit.. PLEASE COME… CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE AND RESCUE US!!” WE DECLARE YOUR GOODNESS!! WE TRUST YOU!!!”

Then something unexpected happened.

Next thing I knew… the plane was weaving in between buildings in a big city and we eventually landed (rough landing) and everyone exited the plane safely.

I remember standing in the jetway as people were leaving the plane and there were  various responses to what had just happened:

  • with hearts still racing — some were ECSTATIC and kept THANKING me saying that was the best flight of their life and they were SO THANKFUL to be safe … they couldn’t wait to tell others about the journey
  • some were upset that “we had to go down just to go back up”
  • and others said “why didn’t you just let us die”


Then I woke up.

So my question for the readers today is…

How about you? When life seems to be spiraling down… do you have HOPE?? Are you expectant of a miracle and are you willing to “STAND UP/ SPEAK UP”?

— or will your voice join the screams of terror?

Fear is loud. Fear is a liar.

What area of your life can you declare LIFE and HOPE and TRUTH into today?!

How can I pray for you?


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