Interesting Facts

Here’s a couple of extra “INTERESTING” things about me:

– Every Thursday night I wear my retainers. I’ve had them for 17 years and wearing them once a week seems to do the trick. (side note… one time I sneezed with them in, and they shot across the room… super romantic… I know ; )

– The worst haircut I’ve ever had was when I had long hair & decided to try out a new hair place. I told the hair lady to please keep the length but add a few layers because it was getting so heavy. 40 minutes later… BOOM! I had a full on MULLET! Business up front, party in the back. I cried.

– I randomly laugh hysterically while I sleep. One time Travis got up and thought a hyena was outside our window.

– Travis and I did not kiss until we were married. Thankfully we got married 11 weeks after we got engaged.

– In the summer (bbq season), I carry extra packets of sweet relish in my purse because I do not like to eat hot dogs or hamburgers without sweet relish. A lot of it.

– Early on in our marriage, we were desperate to make money, so I advertised my babysitting skills on craigslist. About an hour later, I had a lady drop off her 5 year old daughter and didn’t come pick her up until the next morning. Thankfully we weren’t serial killers.

– Both of my pinky fingers do not go straight.

– I still wear my P.E. shorts from high school to run in. (I graduated in 1997) They are THAT comfortable. #gobruins

– I once searched for a dead body in a lake. I was a lifeguard and someone drowned. Sad day!

– I wear a fake wedding ring. $8. from Claire’s.

– Like millions (if not billions) of other people, I had a huge fear of public speaking. I now LOVE speaking in front of crowds.

– When I was younger… I took lessons to learn Korean because my family was preparing to move to Seoul to be missionaries.


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